Louie Lives at Cornerstone Ranch- Fitchburg MA

Horses and animals in general posses a strange allure for me. Every year, I talk about wanting to take rse-back riding lessons, or going to a horse show. Finally after YEARS of waiting, I was able to buy groupons for Cornerstone Ranch, in Fitchburg. I had such a wonderful experience, I can’t wait to go back!


Costing a mere $35.00 is a hoof-clacking, nerve alleviating adventure. As I arrived at the snowy gates of Cornerstone Ranch, I was greeted by white frosted trees, and a strangely calming sound: silence. Away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Fitchburg, Cornerstone Ranch offers much needed respite, even in the bleak, snowy days of Winter. 

Sue, the owner of the ranch, helped suit me up for my journey. She also set me up with a horse named Louie… Although I was super-excited to ride a horse, when it was time to get to it, I was admittedly very nervous. Having never rode on a horse before Louie was a great choice for me, because he was small framed, with an even temper, and excellent listening skills… I felt like I could tell him anything. 

The Trail Ride I embarked upon lasted about an hour and a half, and took us through the snowy woods, up and down slanting hills, and down a dirt path. I enjoyed learning proper posture, and horse-human signals/ body language. After the trail ride, I went back The Howarth House, a beautiful bed and breakfast near Fitchburg College.

If you are looking for something cheap, outdoorsy, and refreshing to do on a bleak Winter Day, call up Sue at Cornerstone Ranch, and ask for Louie. 




Happy Riding!


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